Taken from Lucie's 'Life Coaching For Performers' sessions at the Ultimate Artists Masterclass

'Love that Lucie understands the industry and is in it herself.'
'I feel inspired and motivated.'
'The guidance and plan given helps me visualise and get the correct mind set to look forward.'
'Very informative and organised with excellent examples!'
'I now have more belief in myself and my abilities.'
'She was really 'Real,' very honest, enthusiastic and passionate. Great presence in the room.'
'The most valuble thing I have leant on this course is remember how important your audience is and keep ego in check.'

'Your session has made me feel better, up-lifted, focused, built up my confidence and I know who to avoid and what to avoid to help stop me getting knocked' 

'I now have a clearer idea of what I want.'

'My confidence is higher.'

'I really think Lucie knows what she's talking about and believes it.'

'Thank you! Now I know more of a direct path in organising my goals, visions and ideas.'

'I now feel that I can go on a stage feeling really confident and know what to do before I go on.'

'Lucie had great analogies and was very down to earth''

'I really liked the session.'

'I really loved learning about affirmations and excited to try them.'

'I was going through a stressful time and you were the only one who allowed me to forget what was goin on in my life through music. You gave me a chance and believed in me. I didn’t even believe in me.  I would love to have you as a mentor, because there's so much I learnt from you.'