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  1. Star

From the album Island Lover

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Lyrics & Music written and produced by L.Burns (Lazy Hammock) ©2006



Why be happy when you can be sad
why be good when you can be bad
why be rich when you can be poor
take my bed I’ll sleep on the floor
What’s this all for, is it really real
I’ll contradict you and every thing you feel
I take risks and go against the grain
If you turned back time, I’d do it all again

If you followed a star would you know who you are And where you’re goin'
If you followed a star
Would you find who you are and where you’re goin'

I’ve been drifting, something’s shifting
I can feel the dark cloud lifting
I’ve been missin’, kinda trippin’
But it’s my life that I’m livin’
I dip in and out of life
Sometimes it gets so much I hide
Enjoy the ride, its only once
It’s not worth it if you jump


Do you think you're a star cos you travelled this far
Now where you goin'
If you followed a star would you be who you are
Now where you goin
where you goin'