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  1. Gratitude

From the recording Island Lover

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Lyrics & Music written and produced by L.Burns (Lazy Hammock) ©2007

Mixed and Mastered by Asymmetric at Left Of Centre Studio



I’m filled with gratitude - for my life and for my ideas
And for all that’s on it’s way, all that’s come and all that’s already appeared
what’s now coming into being is all that I’ve imagined and all that I’ve been seeing
is believing, anything worth having is really worth achieving
play tricks on your sub-conscious mind it’s really worth deceiving,
cos any information you care to submit it will start believing.
True manifestation just starts with your imagination
Did you know that in your mind there is more gold than in the whole of the nation
Feel the emotion of what you want and know that it is on its way, just be patient, and take action
Cos its time to seize the day
manipulating and creatin all your dreams to come,
keep believing in your power, cos that is half the fun
Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude (sung)

We’re unstoppable, we’re unstoppable, we’re unstoppable human beings
We’re incredible we’re incredible human beings
We’re powerful, we’re powerful human beings , who can transmit our thoughts and can create our feelings

Each day when I wake up I feel so happy to be alive
I’ve been thru good, bad and worse, but I’m here and I’ve survived
If it wasn’t for the struggle, I’d have never really tried
And if I say that its been easy, you will know that its a lie
But I’m glad what I’ve been thru, cos its taught me all I know,
and in the process of my learning I've moved on and I have grown
I’m thankful for every situation good and bad,
and each experience in my life for now which I’m so glad
I’ve so much to be thankful for I count my lucky stars
From my child I’ve been blessed with to playing my guitar
For all the friends I have and the love in my life
Every single bit has been worth all the pain and strife
I now know there is another way, just focus your thoughts
Take heed of what you’ve learnt and also what you’ve taught
Tomorrow hasn’t come so today do all you can,
cos the effects are from the causes that you’re making in your plan