From the recording Natural High

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Lyrics & Music written and produced by L.Burns (Lazy Hammock) ©2009

Mixed and Mastered by Asymmetric at Left Of Centre Studio


It will be ok tomorrow is a new day
Free from all this pain, oh I can start again
Doin it my own way, yeah eh

I look inside of me to see what I can see
It hurts to face the darkness with questions left unanswered
Why does this have to be
If only I could reason, why life sometimes feels heartless
I could turn it all around
If only I could reason, why I feel so helpless
I could search for what’s not found


I feel the weight has gone been lifted by this song
Yet I still see your sadness
There is another way, don’t search for words to say
You’ll see thru this
If only I could reason, make sense of my emotions
And believe what I’ve been told
If only I could reason, why rainbows have an ending
Then I’d find my pot of gold