LAZY HAMMOCK is an established UK Artist, Producer, Songwriter, Vocalist, DJ, Remixer and Radio Presenter who is most known for her soulful/chillout productions and remixes. She also has a 7 piece live band and is fast becoming known for her captivating live stage performances. She is most known for her down-tempo music, however her later albums and her live shows have seen her incorporate some of her more up-tempo tracks, which include soulful house, nu-jazz, drum 'n bass and reggae, that take the audience on an incredible journey of the senses and the soul, seamlessly mixing and blending all the musical genres together. From singing to uplifting poetic lyrical flow, she will lift a crowd in an instant, taking them on a delightful musical journey based on good grooves, raw energy and deep emotion..

Alongside writing and playing music Lazy takes part in other projects.  She was asked to join the team at 'Ultimate Artists,'  which is an intensive summer course and learning experience for aspiring singers, songwriters and producers, to deliver 'Life Coaching for Performers' sessions.  Ultimate Artists was established in 2013  by Joshua Alamu (Vocal coach of The Voice, Will Young, Beverly Knight and more) and Ali Tennant (Songwriter - JLS, Tulisa, Westlife,The Saturdays, Roll Deep, David Guetta and more)

Lazy is co-producing a track with Blanka Maderova for ‘Sharkass’ – Prague’s first female rapper and is also working on some remixing projects at Faust Records, Prague

Lazy has been the main DJ for the 100% Design Show, Earls Court London, for 3 years running and was also the DJ for the ICON Architecture Awards , London.  


LAZY HAMMOCK  a.k.a Lucie Burns / Hermione, has a long history in the music business.  She's been a part of many different scenes, collaborating with many a musician. Read her journey below..

Lucie wrote her first song at 12 and hasn’t stopped since, amassing over 600 songs and lyrics in her catalogue. As a songwriter she writes many genres of music, and has been involved in many different projects over the years, some of which are included below:
Filthy Rich and MC Hermione –  Lucie (who used her middle name ‘Hermione’) joined up with Filthy Rich the DJ and they performed as a drum ‘n bass DJ & MC duo. They released a couple of tracks with SOUR Records and Botchit and Scarper, and did some touring around Europe, with their unique set. Lucie spent 2 years perfecting her craft as an MC, although she likes to call it poetic freestylin,’ as it was so different from what the other MC’s did, and still to this day put elements of this syncopated rhythmic flow into her live shows. She was also included in the book 'All Crews' (journeys through jungle /drum & bass culture) by Brian Belle-Fortune.

Asian Dub Foundation recognised her talent and asked her to put some vocals on a couple of tracks for them, she also performed on stage with them on a few occasions. She recorded and performed under her former artist name Hermione.

MJ Cole – While Lucie (Hermione) was recording with SOUR Records, they introduced her to Matt Coleman (as he was known then) and they recorded and released a drum ‘n bass cover of ‘Spell’ originally recorded by Nina Simone (You can listen to this track in the 'collaborations page).

Kyoto Moon – This was the soulful-funky / Neo Soul band Lucie formed and wrote all the material for. They played a lot of successful gig dates in and around London.
Big Audio Dynamite  - Lucie joined them on stage at the TOC festival, Vigo, Spain. She improvised over their live set.

Jose Padilla (Compliler of the world famous ‘Café Del Mar’ Series) – asked Lucie to sing over one of his DJ sets at the TOC festival in Vigo, Spain.

Steve Miller (Afterlife) – He asked her to co-write and sing on some tracks for his debut album ‘Simplicity’ (Hed Kandi). She wrote 'Show You Something' and 'Borneo is Burning.' ‘Show You Something’ has become known as a ‘Classic’ in the chillout world. 
She recorded under her former artist name Hermione. (You can listen to these tracks in the 'collaborations' page)

Beatlounge Radio – Lazy presents her radio show ‘The Hammock Sessions’ every 4th Sunday of the month 

Lazy currently produces, writes and remixes for artists, alongside running performance and songwriting sessions for aspiring and established artists.

If you would like to know more about Lazy Hammock and what she is up to, please use the contact page or join the mailing list.  Thank you!